Paragliding in San Diego

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Take a flight of wonder as you experience the dream of Paragliding in San Diego... a magic-carpet-ride of an adventure! Paragliding in San Diego serves up an experience for everyone with the best paragliding locations in the Golden State. Come skirt the skies of California with us today!

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San Diego Paragliding Gift Certificates
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Learn Paragliding in San Diego from the Pros!
No Other Extreme Sport in California Comes Close!

Paragliding in San Diego is part of the American Paragliding Network, the source for the best paragliding experiences in the country. We work hard to provide the best experience for adventure enthusiasts across California and you can trust us to provide the most professional service as we help you plan one of the most exciting moments of your life!

Looking for a reputable Paragliding School in San Diego? Get in with a direct link to the best paragliding pilots and instructors in California... paragliding experts who have a proven record of accomplishment and outstanding service. Paragliding in San Diego gives you more options in more locations than you will find anywhere else. Choose from a tandem paraglide, a solo paraglide or powered paragliding lessons and begin your adventure today.

Call Our Paragliding Experts at 1-888-519-5529 and Go Paragliding in San Diego Today!

Tandem and Solo Paragliding Lessons in San Diego
Make a heart-pumping tandem paraglide today!

Your First Paraglide in San Diego

A Tandem Paraglide in San Diego is the one of the quickest ways to go airborne with minimal commitment. However if you've completed a tandem jump before or feel you want to jump right into a solo flight, Paragliding in San Diego will make it happen at a launch site near you. Come experience the serene feeling of soaring and flying through California sky with complete abandon. Complete a brief classroom instruction and then take to the skies to sail like the eagles while harnessed to your instructor.

When you Paraglide with the American Paragliding Network you'll be learning from United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (USHPA) certified instructors with impeccable safety records and years of experience under canopy. Call one of our San Diego Paragliding experts today and learn how you can experience paragliding today!

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Powered Paragliding in San Diego
Spread your wings and fly thru the California sky!

San Diego Paragliding School

Soar with a Powered Paraglider high in the San Diego sky. Unlike traditional paragliders that depend on wind currents for lift, with a PPG, you can launch from level ground under your own power, climbing and gliding as you please. Once you learn how to fly you don't need wind and even as a beginner you can fly in mild conditions with some simple training and the proper equipment. If you've ever had the desire to fly on your own then this is one of the most affordable and feasible solutions for most people in California!

Our Powered Paragliding experts are available seven days a week and can walk you through every step of your adventure. The American Paragliding Network's reservation process makes Paragliding in California simple, fast, and easy! Call us today!

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No matter what your interest or skill level, Paragliding in San Diego has the perfect adventure for you! Pick up that phone and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Call Our Paragliding Experts at 1-888-519-5529 and Go Paragliding in San Diego Today!

Paragliding in San Diego is a network of professional affiliates who are part of the American Paragliding Network.
Regulations may prohibit paragliding in the city proper. Local paragliding affiliates are conveniently located near San Diego, California.
"Paragliding in San Diego" is a popular search term for paragliding in the greater San Diego area and is not intended as a guarantee of location.